My answer for Gaby

Hello Gaby,

Thank you so much for your reply (you can read it in the second part of this article)! I was very happy to see your face and your sister’s face as well! You both look so French hihihi. These are 3 photos of me and my family in the middle of the nature! 

Bernard is good, I like to play with him. Thank you to your mother who offered to Manue a sewing kit to repair him from time to time! 

As you have already seen, I like playing Legos but I also like Duplos! Do you know that Simon builds giants structures? I like him to play with me.

I have loads of trucks and ships! I can imagine stories with them, playing on my  Spiderman blanket!

My dog is a Jack Russell and his name is Dacy. He always plays with us and can’t live without his ball. Can you show me a picture of Arthus in your next email? 

Sometimes, after school, Simon and Manue bring me to the playground close to Hope’s school. We have a lot of fun there, look at this video

Hope says no all the time, as Lilie! One of her favourite passion is taking my toys and hiding them… but she is my little sister and I love her! 

Concerning Taekwondo, I hope to be stronger next year and have a new belt! I don’t know the color yet… I guess you liked my shield. It protects me against munsters. Look here, Manue filmed me when I was practicing handling it! 

Orherwise, I like cooking and my favourite meal is spaghetti  with mayonnaise and tomato sauce! And I looooove chocolate mousse as a dessert. Simon’s chocolate mousse is one of the best in the world! What is your favourite dessert?

This is my favourite teddy, his name is Ben. I have a lot of other teddies and they have a nap everyday in my bed 🙂 

And you, except Bernard, who is your favourite teddy? Could you send me a photo of him?

My parents or sometimes Manue read me a story (or two… or three) before sleeping. I am found of pirates stories! And you, what kind of stories do you like? 

Then, I prefer Minions rather than Spiderman but I like Spiderman too! Bernard takes care of my two Christmas Minions! What would you like for Christmas? 

This is the book I prefer at the moment: Christmas shopping book! 

Finally, I am allowed to watch cartoons before dinner, around 5pm for an hour. My favourite cartoon is called Octonauts. We have filmed a minute for you, watch it here! And you what do you watch on TV? 

Can’t wait hearing from you! See you soon.


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